About Us

About Us

precision solar company in Warrenton, Oregon employees celebrating after installation

Throughout our business history there were always these few things that helped us the most in becoming a household name in heating, solar installations, heat pumps, and duct cleaning.

 We mean those quality characteristics, which define whether a company is efficient and successful or not… For us, the majority of it lies within the quality of our team:

Meet Stan

When I was a young boy…

I used to go to work with my father who is a master electrician with my two other brothers we would learn the technical world of electrical wiring. I never imagined 50 years ago how that knowledge would come into play for solar technology, But they go hand-in-hand.Rest assured when I approach your solar system design, I have 50 years of electrical mechanical and structural experience. I know what methods work and do not work here in the coastal areas. You can Count on us for a valued and custom-tailored services.

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