Naselle, WA Solar Panel Installation Guide

Dive into Naselle, WA's solar potential with our 2024 guide. Learn how solar panels can save energy, the benefits of installation, and local incentives. Connect with Precision Solar for a free energy audit and embrace cleaner energy today!
nacelle wa solar panels in the pnw mountains

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Naselle Solar Installation 101

At Precision Solar, we serve our local Naselle community and the surrounding areas of Southwest Washington with premium solar equipment and top-quality installation services. 

Let’s look at some solar basics specifically for Naselle:

nacelle wa solar panels in the pnw mountains

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Most residential solar panels are rated between 250 and 400 watts, which means they produce that much energy under absolutely perfect conditions. Of course, conditions are never going to be perfect in the real world, so you can expect your panels to top out at about 90% of their rating output.

So what does this mean for your home solar setup? The average American household consumes about 890 kilowatt-hours per month, and a typical 5 kilowatt residential solar energy system can produce roughly between 350 and 850 kilowatt-hours depending on the environmental conditions and the season. 

A system this size will typically include between 12 and 20 panels and take up at least 400 square feet of rooftop real estate – preferably on a south-facing sloped part of your roof.

Is Solar Worth It in Naselle?

Solar can definitely be worth it in Naselle, as our long sunny summer days can help offset short and dreary winter days. Additionally, solar technology has improved panels’ ability to produce energy even on overcast days, making the area viable for solar year-round. 

Adding a solar energy system to your home will:

  1. slash your monthly energy bill,
  2. add value to your home,
  3. and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels which benefits the environment.

Naselle, WA Solar Incentives

These are the three biggest 2024 solar incentives for Naselle, WA residents:

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit for Solar – This nationwide incentive means you can deduct 30% of the total cost of your solar energy system from your federal tax liability amount. If the savings exceeds your liability amount, you can roll it over to the following year.
  • Washington Solar Sales Tax Exemption – For systems less than 100 kilowatts in size (essentially all home solar energy systems), you are exempt from paying state and local sales and use taxes on the equipment, which automatically saves you at least 6.5%.
  • Net Energy Metering – A net meter measures the flow of energy in two directions – from your home to the grid and vice versa. This allows you to “sell” excess energy from your solar energy system to the grid, essentially banking it for later use which helps keep your energy costs low throughout the whole year.

Why Choose Precision Solar?

At Precision Solar, we are committed to providing the best possible solar equipment and the most impeccable customer service for our neighbors and the local community.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves on this front.

Since we are a local company, we are uniquely equipped to handle the challenges that come along with installing solar panels in a coastal Pacific Northwest town. We know that the short and dark winter days require highly efficient systems that are generally larger in scale than their counterparts in sunnier climes and that our mounting brackets and other gear will have to withstand corrosive salty sea air. 

We are also very familiar with the local permitting requirements and other regulations surrounding solar energy.

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